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The Motorsport Collective Networking Group is a group of global motorsport professionals who meet regularly to share their ideas, advice and contacts at a series of informal networking events around the world. 

Our members are motorsport experts and influencers from every part of the industry and our Meet Up events take place at existing motorsport industry events in the UK and beyond. Each month, we host Live Stream Interviews featuring guest speakers on a range of topics, from marketing your business or race career to how best to present yourself to the media - and our members watch from all over the world.

From marketing, digital and media influencers to engineers and technical staff, PR and communications gurus to drivers and riders, photographers and filmers to events and hospitality experts - we're all in this together, so we'd love for you to JOIN US and be part of a motorsport industry revolution. 

our MEMBERS are motorsport EXPERTS & influencers


We know what it's like to be in the motorsport industry. We know about the long hours, the blood, sweat and tears, the weekends on the road chasing the dream. The agony and the ecstasy, the highs and the lows, the elation and the exhaustion. We also know that it takes a huge network of people to make things happen in this world.

That's why we created The Motorsport Collective.

A lot of motorsport industry associations are only aimed at competitors or the engineering trade - or those with huge budgets. Wouldn't it be better to bring together the wider motorsport community to share our expertise, make new contacts and talk about our stories together? We think so and our huge list of members agree, too.

Looking for inspiration for your racing career? Want to learn how to market your brand better? Need to get some advice on how to run your team, business or project? Or just fancy meeting up with our big motorsport family every now and then to catch up with old friends and make new contacts? We'd love to have you.

We ARE The Motorsport Collective.

networking. it's not a dirty word.

We admit it: we hate networking events. They're normally pretty boring, take place in terrible venues and the speakers just want to sell their latest product. But, we all know we should be doing it to help drive our business or career forward. Surely, though, we can have fun at the same time and not have to wear a name badge? 

no name badges-no suit and tie-just good conTACTS

  • Meet Ups - informal events at existing motorsport events
  • Live Stream Interviews - hear from the best, anywhere in the world
  • Make new contacts and catch up with old friends
  • Pick a sticker that represents your job
  • Find other members with the same badge
  • Spark a conversation with someone new
  • Regular updates about past and future events
  • Member profiles and interesting industry news 
  • Private Facebook group to communicate with other members
  • Can't make it to the Meet Up events? No problem!
  • Members can watch our Live Stream Interviews in our Facebook group
  • Broadcast available to watch on playback anytime


We know how lucky we are to be able to work and play in such a vibrant, exciting industry like motorsport. We also know how important it is to give something back, too. That's why we encourage our members to donate motorsport items to raise funds for our chosen charity each year. In 2016 and 2017, we supported The Movember Foundation.

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We want to make even greater connections for our members all over the world and that's why we don't charge for membership - if you're a motorsport industry professional, it's free to join - just hit the link below to apply.


Our Meet Up and Live Stream Q&A events are only open to members of The Motorsport Collective. Access is free of charge and members are regularly sent event invites with full details for each event. Join now!


MEET-UPS: We attend existing motorsport industry events - making it easy for our members to find us in their busy schedules. See the calendar below for future events.

LIVESTREAM Q&A's: We live stream interviews with key motorsport industry figures each month - members can access these via our private Facebook group. See the calendar below for future events.

event calendar.


© Soho Farmhouse

© Soho Farmhouse

launch @ soho farmhouse

Our first event of the 2016 season kicked off another stellar year of motorsport at the exclusive private members club Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire.

Our guest speakers at this event were:

  • John Beasley, Vice President Marketing EMEA, Monster Energy
  • Jimmy Goodrich, Director Marketing Communications and Motorsport, Monster Energy
© MKS Hospitality

© MKS Hospitality


We couldn't resist holding an event during the week of the famed Formula One British Grand Prix - so we took over the luxury private country estate, Aynhoe Park, to celebrate the circus coming to town. One of the quirkiest venues around, our members mingled with each other among unique taxidermy and modern art to hear David Brabham talk all about Project Brabham - his pioneering, crowd-sourced motorsport project.



Yacht party @ Monaco F1

Our partner, MKS Hospitality, are experts in the finer things in life and we we're thrilled to invite our members on board one of their luxury yachts in Monaco harbour after the Formula One practice sessions this year.

Members mingled with racing aficionados in the heart of motorsport's most glamorous event, with new connections made and old friendships reacquainted over Prosecco and pasta!


© Aynhoe Park

© Aynhoe Park


Our final event of 2016 was a casual catch up in the home of motorsport - Silverstone. Members new and old met with founder Lindsay Orridge to hear about 2017 plans for The Motorsport Collective and were introduced to our two new partners, Sarah Franklin and Ivor Bourne.


WHO CAN JOIN ThE motorsport collective?

  • Anyone who works in the motorsport industry (business owners, full- and part-time employees, volunteers, freelancers, consultants, third party team sponsors)

  • Anyone who competes in motorsport of any formula (4-wheel and 2-wheel), at any level (professional and club)


We are a membership club which focuses on motorsport professionals, instead of fans. We regularly auction items for charity that motorsport fans might be interested to bid on - so keep an eye on our eBay page.

Once i'M A member, can i bring non member guests to events?

Sure! Get them to join before they come along or they can join at an event - just a simple form to complete.


We have existing members who are based in the US, Australia and beyond, and we are working with them to create additional future events outside of Europe. Want to get a group of members together in your country? Get in touch!

Other questions? get in touch.

We're on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Look us up!

Got a specific question? Drop us a note here, and we'll get right back to you.

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Hello, I’m Lindsay Orridge, founder of The Motorsport Collective.

I’ve spent the past 17 years working with, for and alongside the biggest and the best in this industry. The Hamilton's, the Rossi's, the Loeb's, the Peterhansel's of this world. The trailblazers, the champions, the been-there, seen-it, done-its – I’ve been lucky enough to work with most of them.

I’ve flown hundreds of thousands of miles around the world to manage events, work with sponsors, interact with fans, run PR and marketing campaigns, launch teams and pretty much anything else you can do in this industry off-track. I’ve got the bags under my eyes, the laughter lines and the passport stamps to prove it!

The one constant throughout has been the people I've worked with. There are times when the only thing that keeps you going are those you work with and I’ve seen first-hand just how brilliant a lot of you are.

Since I came into the industry in 2002, the changes I’ve seen are innumerable. As an industry, we’ve come on leaps and bounds on track, pushing boundaries further than we ever believed were possible.

Now, I’m no engineer, but one thing I do know is that whilst we’re blazing a trail when it comes to the engineering side of things, we have to work just as hard to keep up with new developments off-track, too.

The lifestyle, social and cultural landscape that we exist in has changed wildly since motorsport began. Social media covers events live from the track’s edge - it’s not just the big TV deals, publishers and sponsors pushing the messages we receive: the fans are the real broadcasters now. Roles have changed and we need to react to it.

While investment in race technology will always take precedent (after all, without it, there is no racing!) there are still plenty of things that we can do as an industry to keep up the pace off-track, too.

This industry is full of pioneers - a lot of whom are members of The Motorsport Collective  - and we want to work with them to share their creativity and ideas to push the boundaries of our beloved sport.

Ultimately, we're all trying to do the same thing: to keep our industry relevant, current and exciting enough for fans, sponsors and stakeholders to keep us in these crazy jobs. 

I don’t know all of the answers. But I know a lot of people who are experts in their field and I want to share them with the rest of the global motorsport community.

That’s why I’m bringing us all together with The Motorsport Collective Networking Group - from engineers to marketeers, sponsors to competitors, the media to recruiters - and anyone else along the way - those of us who have made motorsport their work, their life and their family. 

We're using our brilliant networking events and live streamed interviews to change the face of how the motorsport industry does business. Wherever you are in the world, you can be part of it.

If you’re a like-minded, enthusiastic motorsport professional from any walk of life, anywhere in the world, who wants to hear from inspirational leaders and learn from our other members, then I’d love for you to join us.