Automotive and motorsport influencers: who, what, how and why

Heard the word ‘influencer’ being thrown around but not really sure what it means, or how it relates to your own brand’s marketing campaigns? Let us guide you!


In today’s world of automotive and motorsport marketing, nothing seems to cause more discussion than the word ‘influencer’. Every day we speak to someone at a brand, manufacturer, race team or media outlet about how influencers can help get their message across, and without fail we get a range of opinions on the topic.

Some people bought into the idea years ago: engaging fans of their brand directly to experience their product or service first-hand and to give honest reviews. Think about the beauty industry: social media is awash with bloggers receiving free cosmetics in exchange for an honest review of the product.

Scaled-up to automotive and motorsport brands: that could be inviting bloggers who love a specific make of car to attend a product launch. It could be bringing them to a race weekend to meet drivers, watch the action and post about it all over their social media accounts. It could be loaning someone a car or product for the weekend in return for a short video review and a load of lovely photos. Doesn’t sound so scary, huh?

Then there are the people who don’t get it at all. They see it as yet another fad, a bubble ready to burst, something that only appeals to a younger generation and if that’s not their target market: they’re not buying into the idea.

What we try to do at The Motorsport Collective is show brands, race teams,  manufacturers and businesses of all sizes, product types and target markets that there is a way to integrate influencers into any campaign, big or small.

It could be as simple as offering a couple of invites to your next product reveal to someone who is well-known and ‘influential’ in your industry.

You’re probably doing that already, inviting key people who you want to be seen associated with your brand. Taking it a step up to bringing new ‘influencers’ along too isn’t so scary at all - you’re just finding the right people who can talk about your brand online and share that information with their followers: followers who trust their opinion and are more likely to buy something based on their recommendation.

You don’t have to bring the well-known influencers with millions of followers on Instagram who cost thousands of pounds per day. There are plenty of smaller-but-still-influential people out there who can get involved. Depending on what you’re offering, you could invite a group of smaller influencers to attend an event or launch for a small fee each, or covering their travel costs, or just by offering them something awesome - a weekend loan of your latest car? A signed piece of merchandise from your star racer? Anything is possible!

So if you have a marketing campaign coming up, be it around a vehicle launch, race event, driver announcement, product reveal or just to get your name mentioned more online: drop us a note.

We can find you the right automotive influencer or motorsport influencer, within your budget, targeted to your market and advise on any costs involved. It’s simple, easy to do and we won’t charge you the earth.

Drop us a note on now to find out more.  

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